Acupuncture is the gentle insertion of very fine, sterile needles at specific points on the body. This process stimulates movement of energy within the body, allowing natural healing to take place. Acupuncture practitioners are trained to select these points, based on over 3,000 years of experience in China.

Chinese Herbal Medicine
Chinese herbal medicine has been practiced for centuries. When prescribed by a licensed practitioner, herbs are a safe and effective treatment for many diseases. An herbal medicine formula is a mixture of many herbs tailored to the individual patient and his condition. Formulas are designed to target the illness and to improve overall constitutional health. They are drafted in such a way as to minimize side effects while maximizing beneficial results.

Tui Na (Traditional Chinese Medicine Massage)
Tui Na is a hands-on Chinese bodywork technique that stimulates the body by increasing blood flow and circulation to affected areas. The practitioner uses techniques such as kneading, rolling, pressing and rubbing as well as range of motion, traction and the stimulation of acupressure points to treat both acute and chronic musculoskeletal and other conditions. Tui Na differs from the more traditional Swedish massage in that it is more concentrated and targets the problem areas of the body. The intensity of Tui na can range from light strokes to deep tissue massage, depending on the condition being treated. It is also useful in the treatment of pediatric conditions where acupuncture may be less appropriate.

Cupping refers to an ancient Chinese practice in which heat is used to create vacuum suction in a spherical cup that is applied to the body. The skin and superficial muscle layer are drawn into and held in the cup. Cupping relieves pain, increases circulation and releases muscle tension. Cupping is used to treat back, neck, shoulder and other musculoskeletal pain and respiratory diseases, such as the common cold, pneumonia and bronchitis.

Acupuncture House Calls
House calls are available for home bound and other patients in the area. This healthcare service will be provided to patients who have recently been injured and cannot leave their homes, persons with a chronic illness that limits their mobility, and elderly patients who do not have access to private or public transportation. The fee for this service will vary based on miles traveled, time of day, availability of practitioner, etc. Each case will be reviewed on an individual basis.

When is Tui Na used?
Tui na is one of the most popular TCM treatment modalities and is frequently used in the treatment of superficial trauma and injury and a wide variety of musculoskeletal problems. Tui na is also often used when acupuncture is inappropriate, such as with children, when it is referred to as Chinese pediatric massage therapy.

TCM practitioners will frequently encourage and instruct patients to do self massage and certain exercises at home. This solidifies and expands the benefits created during treatment sessions.